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What career can i pursue with these subjects Principles of business Cosmetology, technical drawing and Principles of accounts

Marshalee, can you elaborate on POB & POA? Thanks!! Mark Morgan

Principles of Business and principles of accounts Marshalee T.

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3 answers

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Ana’s Answer

Hello Marshalee,

You have a unique set of vocational interests. I would recommend exploring each of them on websites such as It's also important to match your personality to your interests. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a good start to gain self-awareness and match our interests with what we would enjoy doing as a job/career. You can take this personality inventory at your school/college career center or you can find free versions online.

Some recommendations for further consideration would be Cosmetology, perhaps with long-term goal of self-employment. For Technical Drawing you can explore architecture, drafter, interior design, engineering etc.

Best of luck on your future,


Thank you!! Marshalee T.

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Robbyn’s Answer

It sounds like you are trying to figure out how to combine some of your favorite subjects; you can combine business and cosmetology together for sure, as many professionals start out working for a salon or spa, and then want to start their own business. Having a background in business can help you make that leap. However, you do not have to pursue both at the same time. Remember that when you choose a career path, it is simply your first, not your last. You can do several amazing things in one lifetime. Also, sometimes you can combine all the things you enjoy the most into one career, but that doesn't have to be the case; some things you like can also just be hobbies or could end up as a "side gig" which is becoming very common. Technical drawing is very specific and is mostly seen in the architecture or engineering world. This may be an example of how everything you like may not all fit toegther in one package, and that's ok.

Hope this helps!

Robbyn recommends the following next steps:

Find professionals who have the kind of jobs/ careers you are interested in, ands set up a meeting with them( Informational Interview) to chat about their careers: ask them great questions like, " what do you love about your career, and what do you dislike"? and " what are the top skills and traits that are important for someone going into this career field?" and " how did you figure this out when you were my age"?
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Mark’s Answer

Hi Marshalee!

For a career in cosmetology, there are many opportunities! Just to list a few:
Nail technician
Salon or spa
Wedding and event stylist
Makeup artist

In regards to technical drawing, there are a number of career paths are available including mechanical, architectural, and electrical drafters. Just to name a few.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your answer i really appreciate it Marshalee T.