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Ana Lopez

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Los Angeles, California
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Leo May 08 46 views

How do I quit my job?

What do I tell my employer? Do I have to give my 2 weeks notice?

Eduardo’s Avatar
Eduardo Nov 06, 2022 168 views

Still undecided on what I want to do.?

What’s the best advice for someone who’s still undecided on what career they want to peruse.

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus May 03, 2022 340 views

What other careers can you get into with skills from cybersecurity?

I want to get into cyber security, and I've gotten good advice so far. But if for some reason, the career ends up not working for me, what other careers can I pursue with those same skills?

Joel’s Avatar
Joel Jul 08, 2021 301 views

What are some of the misleading information that is told when going into welding.

I'm currently a student trying to get more insight about welding, and i'm basically wondering if there is maybe any false/deceiving information that was told to you going into the welding career, or any false information you hear going around, that i could be aware of. #welding #career-advice

Marshalee’s Avatar
Marshalee Apr 26, 2021 497 views

What career can i pursue with these subjects Principles of business Cosmetology, technical drawing and Principles of accounts

#career-choice #career-development #choosing-a-major #career-advice #career

quincy’s Avatar
quincy Nov 10, 2020 377 views

I'm a 12th grade and i need advice to get a good career for hands on jobs and engineering, diesel mechanic, welding?

I'm in 12th grade and I'm looking to a career that involves hands on and engineering, diesel mechanic, welder. I need advice on which school is good and how can I get more help to get into those school for my career I'm looing for. my hobbies are playing sports, like basketball, football, and i...

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Nov 20, 2019 583 views

What is the best career advice you have been given?

#career #career-advice

jason’s Avatar
jason Jan 21, 2018 507 views

Why should anyone care about what I do?

In general, individual achievement is negligible. How does anyone get anyone else interested in the contributions of anyone? More specifically, interested enough to concern themselves with the education and improvement of the individual.