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What does a day-to-day routine as a organizational and industrial psychologist consist of?

I am interested in majoring in organizational and industrial psychology, but there isn't much information about it on the internet. I would like to more in-depth detail about this career option before I go forth with it in college. #psychology #organization #industrial

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1 answer

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Scott’s Answer

Good Morning Jadie!

I/O Psychology is a pretty diverse field of study. I have a Ph.D. in the field and I have been employed by large companies, as a consultant, and as a full time researcher. Furthermore, I've worked in a bunch of different industries: Healthcare, advertising, military staffing, selection, and public opinion polling.

It's a great degree with a lot of opportunities. Many people end up working for consulting firms while others work in a particular organization. I have friends that work for Lowes, the Federal Government, universities, and some are even in the military. As you can see the day to day activities would end up having a lot of variability. However, here is a list of common activities that cut across many of the jobs.

Writing reports/creating briefings
Data analysis
Interaction with coworkers to determine the best course of action
Providing feedback and receiving feedback from a team
Interacting with clients or stakeholders in the same or different organizations
Presenting and speaking in front of groups

There is a professional organization that's devoted to this field and it's called the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. They have a set of resources dedicated to students. Here's a good link that might help answer your question from a different perspective.

Good Luck!

Thank you comment icon Thank you very much for all the information. I now feel better prepared to make a decision, and this is truly something that interests me now. Thank you again, I greatly appreciate it. Jadie
Thank you comment icon oh thank you Mariangeliz