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What career should I choose? Police or Doctor?

I LOVE forensic science, I love investigating, analyzing fingerprints etc. but at the same time I want to be a doctor which is pediatrician. My mom doesn't want me to be a police because its dangerous I keep on telling her I'll be fine. I could risk my life on things that are worth saving. I also love to be a doctor because I want to help children and give smiles to them. I ask some of my family members and they said it is possible to be a police then doctor. Or doctor then police .. is that true? I'm a freshman anyway. #doctor #pediatrics #forensic #computer-forensics

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2 answers

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Mikio’s Answer

Do both, be a police in the medical field. I call this Medical Law. :). (smile). Keep it interesting. Read this inspiring story. http://www.governing.com/topics/public-justice-safety/medical-residencies-serve-new-model-police-training.html

Isn't this like a lawyer? KC A.

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Saif’s Answer

I would suggest be a doctor! You will love it! It will pay you good money as well compared to the Police! You have to work hard for it and it will pay off the hard work. It will be Biology Science for you all the way and you have to be getting good grades in that!