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What are some things I can do to gain experience in the field of computer engineering?

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4 answers

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Leo’s Answer

* Find a coding project that interests you.
* Get a github account and start coding and uploading your code. Bear in mind that you can use this to show your work to future employers, so try to follow some coding standard, like Style-9 (for C/C++) or PEP8 (for Python).
* Apply for an internship position somewhere. You can use the coding project in your resume and put a link to your github account so that others can see what you can do.

I would let the project and your interests drive what coding courses you need to take (if any).

Leo recommends the following next steps:

Get a github account and start coding
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Robert’s Answer

The other suggestions are great and I second getting a Github account to begin uploading any new coding activities you handle during schooling or training. It will give insights to your future employer on what you've accomplished in the past. Continued learning is very important to keep up with emerging technologies.
Checkout different organizations that offer internships with organizations that have a strong support system and mentors to help get you up to speed. Actually getting into the coding and having a team that you can handle questions with is the fastest way to build real-world experience the employers are after. For folks in high-school has been a great way for young professionals to begin internships. They may be able to point you to a similar offering in your area.
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Chris’s Answer

Hello Dariehl, Great question, from my experience, I’m just going to shed some light and hope that helps you as well.

Identify on why you want to get into computer engineering, once you’ve established that and if computer engineering is something that you’re passionate about, then try out the following.

1. Enroll for a course on Object oriented programming and identify the language you are comfortable with (C++,Java, Python etc)
2. Start practising logics and algorithms
3. Create a small application for yourself
4. Register for coding competitions
4. Apply for internships (free / paid)
5. Continue to keep learning!

Hope this helps :)
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Tiffanie’s Answer

I recommend checking out sites like Udemy to purchases classes by people in the field to learn a new skill. If you’re interested in teaching yourself Java you can purchase a course and learn at home. There are also lots of coding boot camps that are short term and allow you to learn web development etc.