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What does the hospitality sector consist of and is a good place to work in?

I am a junior in high school. I am looking to apply to colleges next summer and just wanted to get a heads up to see what I was aiming for. #college #college-major #university #college-majors #hospitality

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4 answers

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Ajay’s Answer

Hospitality industry in general includes, but not limited to; Hotel-Motel, Resorts, Restaurants, Theme Parks, Conference and Events, Cruise, Airlines and many more. The industry is evergreen and has a huge potential for steady employment. Many positions are well paying. Hospitality industry employs professionals from various fields of education. The best characteristic of the industry I like is; there is a lots of opportunity to interact with people. Perhaps liking people and your need to help others are pre-requisite. I have seen more simple people succeeding here. Next time you go out, please look around to identify activities hospitality workers are engaged in, understand common traits and notice buzz statements. I encourage to visit following websites that might be useful in understanding more.

American Hotel & Lodging Association - www.ahla.com
Hospitality Today - www.hospitalitytoday.com
National restaurant Association - www.restaurant.org

Best wishes for success,

Thank you for your advice! Hamid W.

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Hamid!

Here is a site that will provide you with some helpful statistics and other helpful information.

Best of luck!

Thanks for the info! Hamid W.

You are welcome! Keep me posted. I would like to follow you. Ken Simmons

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Junnie’s Answer

In hospitality area there’s front desk, housekeeping, purchasing, food and beverage, events planning, marketing and sales. Most of these cover under the Hotel management program, then depending on your personal interest to choose to specialize in the specific area. Which sector is best? That is depending on your personal interest. If you have great organization skills, and you like working with people, food and beverage or events planning is great area to be in. If you like behind the scene, front desk has minimum contact with customers and then housekeeping. There’s also the management side of the hospitality which involve purchasing, marketing and sales, which require more of a business management major.

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Jackie’s Answer

The hospitality industry includes many departments offering many positions to start in whether its a host/server at one of the restaurants, front desk agent, housekeeper, bellman, spa employee and etc., however one of the most important things to consider within this job field is: customer service. It's about the guest's needs and wants that always come first, and it can be very difficult at times but also very enjoyable especially when meeting people from all over the world. That is also another interesting thing about hospitality, there are many opportunities. The Hospitality industry doesn't just categorize as Hotel Industry because there's also the thought of:

Food & Beverage
Travel / Airline Industry
Cruiseline Operations
Wine Business
Theme Parks
Country Clubs

Which are some really cool options to think about! Even if you want to work in a hotel but don't want have a great option for Hospitality, there are other majors that can qualify especially if its Business Management, Finance/ Accounting, Revenue Management are some great options.

Other fields of Hospitality can include Human Resources, Sales/Marketing, Accounting, Engineering, Reservations / Group Housing, and tons more.

Hope this helped!