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As a Neurologist, what is one way you can think of that has helped you learn and retain information that you studied in your residency?

I am interested in the human brain and how it works, and just everything about it. #neuroscience #neurologist

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1 answer

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Olivia!

If you memorize the basics, such as what each cranial nerve does and how it courses through the body, or what part of the brain contributes to what function, you can apply reason to answer some exam questions.

I did not have to do any studying outside of class, besides preparing for the exam one or two days beforehand. The key in solidifying my knowledge of neurology and neuroscience was doing practice questions. If you refer back to my studying in medical school techniques, you will see that is the key to pretty much all my successes so far.

There really is not much more to say about succeeding in medical school neuroscience because it is really that straight forward.

I will mention that each exam has a portion that consists of group-based, non-multiple choice questions. Although these questions are completed with your group, do study the materials and try not let someone else do all the work. Your grade for that portion would improve if everyone contributed.

Study Tips

go to class and take notes
do practice questions
don’t slack off for group-based portion of the exam

More important information in:

Good studies!