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Picking a Specialty:Pre-Med

Updated Oxford, England, United Kingdom

I'm going to be a pre-med student next fall and was wishing to pursue neuroscience to hopefully become a neurologist. I was wondering if choosing a specialty after medical school is worth it since it is so competitive and the spaces for residency are so limited? #doctor #neuroscience #neurologist #medicine #healthcare

2 answers

Rongyin’s Answer

As a neurologist in China, we should treat inpatients and outpatients with cerebrovascular disease such as ischemic stroke and intracerebral hemorrhage, migraine, epilepsy, central nervous system infection, alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and NMO, and lots of night duties.

Naiara’s Answer

Updated Albuquerque, New Mexico
Hi Riley, It is great that you are considering a career in medicine! After medical school, you will have your MD or DO degree, however, you are required to do specialty training/residency in order to have a license to practice. Even if you want to be a general doctor or primary care doctor, that still requires residency training. Do not be discouraged, it is a great learning opportunity and goes by fast. Good luck with your pre-med studies!