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Where can I get Psychology Internships in Johannesburg when I have a Bachelor's Degree and no experience?

I am highly self-motivated, driven and ambitious. I am flexible and hard working. Yet, I cannot seem to find Psychology Internships or similar in Johannesburg (most are in the Cape) and I do not have any work experience and I will only graduate with a Bachelor's degree. #psychology #career #internships

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2 answers

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Cindy’s Answer

If I were you, I would try my best to leverage the connections I have with psychology professors. They're the ones who have already "made it", so they're great resources to ask questions to or seek internships from. For example, you could ask questions about how they got to where they are in their career, what advice they have for you, and if they need any help around the lab. Psychology is super broad and can encompass many subjects (human development, behavior, relationships, addiction) and once you find which path you're interested in going down, you can reach out to people who are in positions that you want to be in the future.

Hope that helps! Finding an internship can be tough. Good luck!
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Mark’s Answer

Hi Anasha!!

A few days back, a student ask the question, "What jobs can I get with a psychology degree?"

The answer is that you can do just about anything! That's the beauty of being in psychology!! This profession touches just about every industry!

Here's just a portion:
Police Officer
Correctional Officer
Administrative Service Manager
Community Service Manager
Computer Programmer
Health Educator
Human Resources
Market Research Analyst
Public Relations
Sales Manager
Sales Associate
Guidance Counselor
And the list goes on!!

So take a police officer for example... Who would think that a police officer would have a psychology degree, but recently, with some police departments, hiring criteria has become more rigorous. Many police agencies look for applicants who have completed at least some college, preferably in a concentration such as psychology or criminal justice. Qualified police officers would most likely receive increased responsibilities as well as a salary compensation to go along with experience. And can you imagine the additional opportunities for advancement?

So the question is, once you have your Psychology degree, what king of a job can you get? What can you do with a Psychology degree?

Basically, with any intern position you do, you will be doing so through the eyes of a psychology major. And the experience you receive should prove to be useful. Say for example you inter in retail sales. You may not realize, but sales representatives rely heavily on consumer psychology in order to understand consumer needs. How do you think they are able to prepare effective sales pitches and presentations and successfully reach their sales goals? Knowledge of organizational behavior can also be helpful to a sales department looking to make major sales at the enterprise level. Whether working in B2B or business-to-consumer sales, a sales representative uses psychology skills on a daily basis.

So as you look at available inter positions of any kind, consider the position from a psychology major's view point.

Hope this helps!!