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How do I get an internship my freshman year?

Everyone talks about them and how they're good to have but never how to get them or where to look for them. I want one as soon as possible. #psychology #clinical-psychology #internships

I'm not sure how it works in college and since your in college I'm assuming you need a paid internship, however I interned at a mental facility when I was in high school that was volunteer and how I went about it was I looked up all the facilities near me and then went to each one asking about their internship programs and then applied to as many as I could until I got a call back. Sabrina U.

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2 answers

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Kara’s Answer

Hi Breanna,

I am not in your same field, so Engineering might be different than psychology, but I got internships through our college run career fair they held every spring. There was one in the Fall too, but those internships (for all of my friends across varying majors) were few and far between. The spring career fair that was held at my college campus was huge and well attended and represented by many companies across the US and there were many opportunities for summer internships. I actually got 3 summer internships through the career fair. Ours was not just for college students though, anyone could attend, although I'm not sure if they had to pay a fee if they didn't have a student ID. It might be worthwhile to check out other large colleges within close proximities if your school does not hold its own career fair in the spring. Otherwise, update that resume and include relevant school projects and classes. Researching companies that will be there beforehand is very beneficial for getting a leg above everyone else. You want to stand out!

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Dr. Ray’s Answer

Dear Breanna, I have been away from academia for many years, so my answer may be out of date. My understanding is that undergraduate psychology programs don't require any sort of internship, especially in the freshman year. I think some social work programs may require one, but they usually occur in the student's senior year and are lined up by the program. Internships are required in most graduate mental health programs. This is not to say you couldn't look for a volunteer position with a local mental hearth facility or at your school. i wish you the best in your career pursuits. Ray Finn, Ph.D.