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Answer to: Is it possible to branch off into speech and hearing therapy from psychology?

Dear Thaaki, Things may work differently in South Africa, but in the U.S. speech and hearing therapists have a master' degree in that field. They may get an undergraduate degree in psychology but people with master's degrees in psychology would not be able to be licensed as speech...

Answer to: How could a minor in accounting help me in my private practice?

Dear Nancy, I think you have recognized a need for some skills that most people in helping professions don't think about. I agree with the other respondents that an accounting background would be helpful in understanding the financial side of private practice, which is, after all, a business....

Answer to: How do I get an internship my freshman year?

Dear Breanna, Dear Breanna, I have been away from academia for many years, so my answer may be out of date. My understanding is that undergraduate psychology programs don't require any sort of internship, especially in the freshman year. I think some social work programs may require...

Answer to: Should I stay or should I go?

Dear Imani, I have been away from academia for many years, but in the past many programs did not especially want applicants with previous experience, since they wanted to mold students in their image. Also, jobs in mental health for people with bachelor's degrees are very limited. Finally,...

Answer to: How would a college graduate go about finding a job in clinical psychology?

Dear Angela, Unfortunately there are very few jobs for people with bachelor's degrees in psychology or counseling. I agree with Daniela that you would need to attend a master's degree program in social work, counseling, marriage and family therapy or a similar field to achieve your goal....

Answer to: Some tips on balancing college, work, and other aspects of your life?

Dear Brittany, Congratulations on having achieved so much at a young age. As I look at your schedule I don't see any time for you to relax and do nothing. When I was a first year graduate student I was worried about making good enough grades to stay in so I studied nights, weekends and even...

Answer to: is there a way to get a bachelor/master at the same time?

Dear Estefania, I have not been around universities very much during my career but I have a few general suggestions for you. I don't know if any universities specifically offer the option of combined degrees but it should be easy to find out. Since you live in the DFW area I suggest you look...

Answer to: What do I need in order to be a mental health counselor? Degree? Steps?

Dear Estela, I just want to add a few comments to the previous responses. There are some positions available for people with bachelor's degrees in psychology, social work and related fields. Some examples are probation officers and child protective services workers. However they generally...

Answer to: What can be done with a BS in Psychology in terms of jobs without a masters degree?

Dear Rachel, There are a few, but not many, positions in the social services field, such as probation officers and child protective services workers, that require a bachelor's degree in psychology or another behavioral sciences. Your university probably has a placement service that helps...

Answer to: As an opinion, does clinical psychology rely more on the people to people aspect; being able to read patients and listen to their problems, or the scientific, neurological aspect?

Dear Madeline, Great question. In my experience both sensitivity to people and scientific knowledge are important. Obviously some basic interest in people is necessary to function effectively as a clinician and enjoy your work, and good clinicians are observant. However being able to fit...

Answer to: What is the difference between getting a master in counseling psychology and getting a masters in LCSW? What makes the two jobs different?

Dear Rachel, As far as I know the two majors are very similar. Social workers historically did case work and community organizing, but in the 1960's many schools developed clinical social work programs to train students to be counselors and therapists. They receive a master's in social work...

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