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What are somethings that I should consider studying for the career of a biomedical engineer?

I was just wondering what I need to study at this level of study. #engineering #biomedical-engineering

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2 answers

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Biraj’s Answer

One thing I didn't know before is that there are no specific certifications available for Biomedical Engineering. I mean you can give the FE exam but the later one PE for a professional license is not available (to my knowledge) for Biomedical Engineering.
But, depending on the field you work in, you can certification for the nearest one. for eg., if you are working in medical electronics then you can get PE for Electronics and Electrical Engineering.
This is really an awesome field. There are a lot of mini branches you can choose in Biomedical engineering as well. Actually it is a combination of all the engineering areas -computer, data, electronics, mechanical, etc. So think about what attracts you to be in this field.
For me, I really wanted to do Electronics engineering. I don't regret getting into Biomedical Engineering because I choose a lot of Electronics classes as electives. So it's only the major. It's only a degree Think long term and work on it.
I would recommend you to get a Ph.D. in your interest area in this field. You won't require PE.

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Tooba’s Answer

Biomedical engineering mainly focus on principles and design concepts to medicine and biology. Biomedical Engineering bridges the gap between engineering and medicine, seamlessly combining the design and problem solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences in order to improve healthcare diagnosis, monitoring and therapy. To study for this major you should have an open mind and your desire to learn. You'll be taking a lot of courses like maths, physics, chemistry, engineering, etc and it in the you should be ready to put everything together.