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What type of degree should I look to for new weapons design and manufacturing?

I am interested very much in the process of innovating technology that we have to make it something we dream of. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #electro-mechanical

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2 answers

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Luis "Lou"’s Answer

What kind of weapons?
Knives = metallurgy
Guns and ammo = Mechanical engineering, machining/metallurgy or Chemical engineering.
Ships, planes and tanks = Mechanical/Aerospace engineering, Naval architecture.
Electronic warfare = Electrical engineering
Cyberwarfare = Computer science and Math.
Nuclear weapons = Nuclear engineering and Physics
Chemical and Biological weapons = Chemical engineering and Microbiology.
Psychological warfare = Psychology and Marketing
Financial warfare = Economics and Finance
... basically any career can teach you how to create weapons, but only a good conscience can motivate to create solutions.

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Calvin’s Answer

I worked in manufacturing a friend of mine worked at Watervliet Arsenal (weapons manufacturing). We both had degrees in mechanical engineering.