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Cooper Y. Oct 28, 2015 4589 views

What does an average day in a life of a mechanical engineer look like?

Hi i'm a 6th grader and want to become a mechanical engineer and i would like to know what a day would be...

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Daniel F. May 27, 2016 1333 views

What is Mechanical Engineering in the private sector like?

What type of work is usually done by a mechanical engineer working for a company? Is it largely desk-work and modeling? Is there any product testing? How multidisciplinary is your work? Is there a problem with intellectual property between you and a company? Would you recommend staying...

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Keziah D. Jun 10, 2016 4034 views

doctor vs mechanical engineer?

Hi I am in high school. I'm very good in the science and math Area, I finished my math requirements for high school in seven months and I finish my science requirements in a year and a half ( I am Homeschooled). Trying to make up my mind has been very hard because I love mechanical engineering...

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Gloria S. Oct 01, 2016 1250 views

How important are grades/GPA for pursuing mechanical engineering?

As a junior, I know that I have to keep my grades up high for college admissions offices, but I was just wondering how it will look if I say I want to pursue mechanical engineering? Do my grades/GPA have to be really exceptional or something? #mechanical-engineering #college-admissions #advice...

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Sean W. Oct 19, 2016 389 views

What type of degree should I look to for new weapons design and manufacturing?

I am interested very much in the process of innovating technology that we have to make it something we dream of. #engineering #mechanical-engineering...


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Zachery B. Oct 19, 2016 651 views

Where could a mechanical or computer engineer find a job?

I just want to know where these majors find jobs. #mechanical-engineering...


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Randal Tyrese C. Oct 20, 2016 697 views

What are colleges or universities have great engineering programs?

I want to make sure that I am applying to the right colleges and to ensure that they have the best engineering programs available. #engineering #mechanical-engineering...


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Kayna H. Oct 21, 2016 1876 views

What things can you do in high school to prepare to be a mechanical engineer in the future

I am very interested in going into the engineering field, specifically mechanical. I just want to know if there are any programs or projects I could do to prepare myself. #mechanical-engineering #scholarships...


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Aspen E. Oct 29, 2016 578 views

For the specialty of mechanical engineering are you in the field more or is it more of a desk job?

I am curious because I love the idea of actually being able to work with my hands and be out in the field but I'm not 100% sure that being a mechanical engineer means I'd get to do that. #engineering #mechanical-engineering...


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Derronis P. Oct 29, 2016 799 views

How much is the starting salary of a mechanical engineer coming out of college?

I want to be a mechanical engineer and want to know more about it #mechanical-engineering...


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Akatzin C. Oct 29, 2016 610 views

Do you really like your job? If so, why do you and is it your true calling card? If not, why not and can you do something about it?

I'm a high school senior and my sophomore year I went to a business company and I asked the employees if they liked their jobs and if it made them happy. Not, surprisingly, some said no. What I found more puzzling was the reason that although they did not like their jobs they still kept on...

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Amanda M. Oct 30, 2016 515 views

What degree is recommended for a prospective mechanical engineer?

I am interested in becoming a mechanical engineer and am looking at which colleges to apply to....


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Matthew S. Oct 30, 2016 1383 views

Is knowing electronics an important part of mechanical engineering?

Hey all, I've been part of FIRST for 5 years now, 4 being in FRC, and I've been focusing more on the mechanical side of things rather than learning the electronic components. I do know the basics, but should I try to get a better understand over the course of this...

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Caitlyn V. Oct 31, 2016 558 views

I'm currently a senior in high school and plan to get a masters in Biomedical engineering. If i want to work in prosthetics, would mechanical engineering or materials science be a better undergrad degree?

I fell in love with engineering early on in my high school career but finding the right engineering field is a challenge. There are so many that appeal to me. I spent time at a biomedical engineering company over the summer and they are working on tissue regeneration and I found it fascinating,...

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Trayquil N. Feb 20, 2017 530 views

As a future engineer, what are some tips that I can take to better prepare myself for college

I'm a high school Seniors who is about to graduate and attend a four year university for mechanical engineering. #engineering...