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What careers can I take on in the health administration field?

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3 answers

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi jakiya W. Thanks for your awesome question.

To be clear, I am not a doctor and I haven't worked in health administration...but...I have visited the doctor's office from time to time. One thing that I have definitely seen an increase in is the use of technology. I have worked in technology-based fields for all of my career.

If you imagine a space where patients are no longer tracked using paper folders about their medical history, but instead, most if not all of their medical history is in electronic form or if you think about how patients sign in when they get to a doctors office, if you think about the tools that are used to manage patient can probably get a good sense of the types of careers, particularly those that are technology-based, that could be considered.

Certainly, careers of traditional medicine are a sound option. I suggest though, that more and more, careers in tech could also be a sustainable path.

Hope you find this answer helpful and best of luck to you!
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De'andra’s Answer

To find specific job titles in health administration, check out o*net at

thank you very much jakiya W.

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Mosammot saima sadia’s Answer

Hi,jakiya W . Thank you for your question . Here are some career options you can check .Physician Practice Manager.
Healthcare Administrator.
Quality and Improvement Manager.
Patient Finance Manager.
Health Insurance Manager.
Managed Care Representative.
Healthcare Department Manager.
Population Health Manager. Hope this answer help you . Thank you.