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What careers can come from a biochemistry degree?

I am looking to study to become some sort of pharmacologist and most colleges do not have it as a major. Biochemistry seems to be interesting and applicable to many different jobs. Looking to know more. Thanks! #biology #career-path #chemistry #pharmacy #biochemistry

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2 answers

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Anup’s Answer

Job options
Jobs directly related to your degree include:

Analytical chemist
Biomedical scientist
Healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry
Clinical research associate
Forensic scientist
Physician associate
Research scientist (life sciences)
Scientific laboratory technician
Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

Chartered accountant
Health and safety inspector
Quality manager
Science writer
Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don't restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here.

Work experience
The practical and technical skills you develop during your biochemistry degree - through laboratory-based work and your final year research project - prepare you well for a research or technical position. Obtaining some work experience, for example a summer internship in a research laboratory or company, will help to boost your chances of finding a job.

Some universities provide a four-year undergraduate course that includes an industry/research placement year. This is usually undertaken in the pharmaceutical or biotechnical industries or a research institute. Opportunities also exist to take a placement abroad, expanding your career prospects. Work placements help develop key skills further and provide opportunities for building contacts and networking.

Whatever your career plans it is important to enhance your degree with extra skills and experiences, which show that you are a proactive person engaging with the world around you.

Typical employers
The main employers of biochemistry graduates in the public sector are:

Environment Agency;
forensic science services;research institutes;
government departments;
the National Health Service;
Opportunities exist in government laboratories such as the Food & Environment Research Agency (FERA) and public health laboratories such as Public Health England.

Biochemistry graduates are also employed in industry. Typical employers include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, water and agricultural companies. Small companies employ biochemists to provide specialist services, such as toxicological studies.

Other employers include scientific and medical publishers and the Intellectual Property Office (as patent examiners).

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Ashley’s Answer

You can use that to get your license as a biochemist tech. They make about 40,000$ a year starting out