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Can having a 4 year degree in health administration take you far in the healthcare field?

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3 answers

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Steven’s Answer

Jakiya - Yes! I think you will find the most options available to you if you focus on the health insurance industry, such as your states Blue Cross plan, Florida Blue.
There are likely a lot of entry-level positions. and you should focus on just getting your foot in the door, get the entry level and perform in such a way that you get noticed.
Make sure that as part of your interviews you ask about career progression possibilities - have others in this role progressed into other roles, etc.

Health insurance companies are generally pretty big, and that can provide a lot of different opportunities.

Also, no matter where you end up, network! get to know your boss, and your bosses boss. get to know managers in other departments and make your growth interests known.

Good luck!
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Kelly’s Answer

Yes, provided you deliver results and demonstrate that you can add value to the organization at higher and higher levels.

The health care administration degree option wasn't really an option at the time most of us in the industry got into the field. Many a senior leader in the industry have gotten as far as they have with only a bachelor's and in a field of study that isn't quite as relevant as the health admin degree (e.g. business, sciences, history). It is their experience in the industry and performance in the roles within the company that get them far, but this degree field could help to get a foot in the door and lessens the learning curve a bit. There are, of course, leaders with MBAs or other degrees beyond a bachelors, but it is not the majority in my experience.

Kelly recommends the following next steps:

Consider interning at a health care administration company and finding opportunities to talk to people with various types of degrees.
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Karen’s Answer

"Going far" in a career is all up to you! Your experiences, even volunteer, will help you meet the right people (that may be doing what you want to do), build the relationships and therefore, give you an edge to the next best job. Start now with volunteering in many sectors of health. Get an internship or 2 during your college years (no matter your major) and keep an open mind to many options - most importantly the area for which you feel the most PASSION> Healthcare Admin is different from DIRECT patient care in most instances. You will find yourself working in a hospital, nursing home or long term care facility but handling the important leadership issues of healthcare, managing a budget, making decisions, running your facility,collaborating with lawmakers/ workforce development stakeholders all the while still keeping the patients' best interests in mind. It's more about leadership. (example degree = Organizational Leadership - Healthcare Admin - Good Luck exploring! Informational interviewing =

Karen recommends the following next steps:

Volunteer in differnt types of facilities; do informational interviewing with people for which you aspire to be like. Listen to all that took them down their "road"