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What are the chances that an employer or company would consider paying for/offering a scholarship to a particular student that financially needs it and will agree to work for them in the future?

These days the cost of college keeps rising and the rate of unemployment seems to be increasing as well. I also understand that it is up to students to find scholarships that fit their financial situation and academic standards. However, I feel as though if more and more employers care about their educations, these students would definitely look further into their futures and try to find a scholarship that pays for a decent amount of their schooling and comes with a job that will provide them with real life experience. #scholarship #opportunities

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1 answer

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Lauren’s Answer

Hi Kate,

You have made a very good point. Luckily now a lot of scholarships are paired with summer internships. I received the Apple HBCU Scholarship in 2016- this included a full tuition scholarship as well as an internship for the summer. Not all scholarship/internship pairings work exactly like this but often times they will guarantee an interview to scholarship recipients.

Like you said college is very expensive but you should not limit your search to only scholarships that also offer a job. Once you start college you can work with your school's career center to find internship opportunities.

Good Luck!