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Kate Oct 22, 2016 813 views

Does a degree in kinesiology or nursing provide better job opportunities after graduation?

I am really stuck between then two options and need help making up my mind! #nursing #kinesiology

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Kate Oct 22, 2016 1188 views

What field of nursing do you need the most training for?

I am very interested in nursing and honestly, super curious about all the different career options it can lead to. #nursing

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Kate Oct 22, 2016 748 views

What are the chances that an employer or company would consider paying for/offering a scholarship to a particular student that financially needs it and will agree to work for them in the future?

These days the cost of college keeps rising and the rate of unemployment seems to be increasing as well. I also understand that it is up to students to find scholarships that fit their financial situation and academic standards. However, I feel as though if more and more employers care about...