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Does a degree in kinesiology or nursing provide better job opportunities after graduation?

I am really stuck between then two options and need help making up my mind! #nursing #kinesiology

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Aijaz’s Answer

Kinesiology is the study of body movement, and it has applications in physical education and athletic training. Graduates of kinesiology programs may work as athletic trainers in health clubs or schools, while others work as physical education teachers at K-12 schools and summer camps. Alternatively, kinesiology graduates may choose to work in sports administration in a school or business setting. Sports administrators take on a more managerial role within training and physical education. Those who choose sports administration often work at schools as athletic directors or in the private industry as sports marketers for sales or sponsorship.
Skills of Kinesiology Majors
• Ability to make decisions
• Ability to understand and work with complex scientific data
• Ability to work independently as well as part of a team
• Critical thinking and analytical skills
• Laboratory experience
• Listening skills
• Problem solving
• Project management
• Quantitative skills
• Social & interpersonal skills
• Specialized subject knowledge
• Teaching aptitude
• Thorough knowledge of the functions of the human body
• Verbal and written communication skills

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