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Pros: •Windfall: You could make much more money that working for someone else. •Autonomy: Be your own boss, and make all the decisions crucial to your own success. •Influence: Hire other people to help – chip in to the local economy. •Security: No one can fire you. •Discovery: Put your own...

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Residency Residency is normally undertaken by all medical students after graduation and completion of internship and is a kind of training that is done under the supervision of senior and experienced doctors. Those doing residency start getting a salary as it is to encourage medical students to...

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Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to delegate routine jobs, tasks you can't do and even things you simply don't want to do. Virtual assistants work remotely via phone and a computer with Internet access to complete jobs for businesses, such as appointment-setting, creating marketing...

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AngelList Beyond Black Business Women Online Connect E.Factor Gadball Gust...

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HR Management Key Skill #1: Organization HR management requires an orderly approach. Organized files, strong time management skills, and personal efficiency are key to HR effectiveness. You’re dealing with people’s lives and careers here, and when a manager requests help with a termination or a...


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As you consider your proficiency in each of the skills listed below, think about how you could represent them in an interview. This can help you frame each skills in a way that will impress hiring managers. Recruiting Searching for and attracting new talent is a major focus of the job for...

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You Must Have a Knack for Design Interior Design Isn’t All Fabric and Fun The Salary Isn’t as High as You Think You Need to Be a People Person You Need to Develop a Portfolio Competition Is Fierce in Interior Design Virtual Designers Have an Opportunity Designers Must Know Local Laws and Codes...

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Educational Requirements for PTs Before they are allowed to practice, physical therapists must have earned graduate degrees from accredited academic programs in physical therapy. These programs typically culminate in a doctoral degree and take at least three years to complete. To gain admission...

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Business careers span a wide range of industries, including finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and management. To be successful in any business sector, however, one must possess certain qualities that separate the best in the business from the mediocre. Some of the qualities top business...

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It's going to depend on a lot of things, including the school, the course of study, and what you want to do with it. If you really want to compare yourself to others and you don't have any benchmark in terms of what you might want to do after college, I'd go look around your college website and...

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The training zone contains the main academic building complex, as well as physical-training, aquatics and outdoor-training complexes, auditoriums, a firing range, cadet’s Mess and cadet’s dormitories. The main academic building complex is situated on the highest point of the academy. It...

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It takes something unique to succeed in Air Force ROTC. It takes dedication. Drive. Discipline. Air Force ROTC's program is structured to foster the work ethic and principles that will help students not only succeed in school but also prepare them for life as exceptional citizens and members of...

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Every major central bank since 2007 has engaged in some form of monetary stimulus including but not limited to Quantative Easing. The implication is that more money has been printed than in 'normal' cycles; more money translates to more opportunities for the management of assets &...

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Bioinformatics is complicated. One needs to learn statistics, both frequentist and bayesian, since people use both; mathematics to get through the advanced probability theory, statistics and more exotic tools like Fourier series; computer science for the algorithms; programming for the...

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Human resources is a somewhat vague term that doesn't capture well the scope of the duties in the department. While human resources staff handles many of the matters pertaining to the employees of a company, such as recruiting and benefits management, they also work with management to help...

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