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If you wanted to be an interior Designer what types of skills would you need to have? Is there more careers like this that I might possibly be interested in.

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I am in 7th grade ,and I'm pretty sure I want to be an interior Designer but I am open to other options. I a, still on the track of Interior design and would like to know the daily duties etc... #interior #personal-development #career-details

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Its a great passion to have. I am glad that you are confident and have a career path decided. To become an interior designer you usually need to complete a formal qualification in interior design, interior architecture or environmental and spatial design. Interior designers need a high level of computer skills. They should be competent with computer-aided drawing (CAD) software, and design software such as Photoshop and InDesign, as well as MS Office. You can pick from the below specialisations and follow the one your most inclined towards - Commercial Interior Designer, Environmental Designer, Residential Interior Designer, Retail Interior Designer

PFB few of the qualities that one needs to posses/acquire in order to be an interior designer in addition to academic excellence:

•creativity, imagination and artistic flair. •good communication and listening skills. •good colour sense and an eye for detail. •an aptitude for illustration and technical drawing. •to demonstrate flexibility in their approach to tasks. •excellent problem-solving skills.

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