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Team Manager at Dell international
Consumer Services
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Hi, Beginning a business venture is an exciting and potentially beneficial prospect, but also one that is filled with uncertainty and risk. Whether you are starting your own business or forming a partnership, research the pros and cons that most relate to the business. Learning the facts helps...

Active Jan 24 '17 at 11:48 AM
Posted by Seema Steffi’s Avatar Seema S.

Hi, Its a great passion to have. I am glad that you are confident and have a career path decided. To become an interior designer you usually need to complete a formal qualification in interior design, interior architecture or environmental and spatial design. Interior designers need a high...

Active Jan 23 '17 at 04:27 PM
Posted by Seema Steffi’s Avatar Seema S.

Every profession has its employees with varying ranged salaries, so it's very hard to sum up as a whole. Yet the most common top list is : •Management Professionals •Software Engineers + IT professionals •Chartered Accountants •Entertain Industry (Modelling & Acting) •Aviation Professionals...

Active Jul 02 '16 at 11:07 AM
Posted by Seema Steffi’s Avatar Seema S.

NSE, in collaboration with reputed colleges and institutes in India, has been offering a short-term course called NSE Certified Capital Market Professional (NCCMP) since August 2009, in the campuses of the respective colleges/ institutes. It is a 100 hours program, spanning over 3 – 4 months...

Active Jun 26 '16 at 03:34 PM
Posted by Seema Steffi’s Avatar Seema S.

Its nice that you have already considered a carrier path and understand your strengths. To be a successful journalist here are few suggestions that I have hand picked from various sources: Build upon your natural writing talent. To become a journalist, First off, you’ve got to have an...

Active May 16 '16 at 04:31 AM
Posted by Seema Steffi’s Avatar Seema S.

It depends your area of interests. First exercise to determine area of interest would be by evaluating your likes, dislikes, strengths, and weakness. Below are few courses to help you chose what suits you best: Arts includes History,Geography, Economics, Political Science Hindi, sanskrit and...

Active Apr 30 '16 at 10:06 AM
Posted by Seema Steffi’s Avatar Seema S.

To Start: Read Books Discuss between programmers around problems and how they approach them. Practicing data structure, algorithms and design related problems, Read a lot of code. Specifically, read a lot of code by excellent programmers. Follow up: Write lots of code and have it reviewed. If...

Active May 03 '16 at 06:25 PM
Posted by Seema Steffi’s Avatar Seema S.

In my opinion here are few suggested options: Accountancy Economics Mathematics Business Finance Business economics Cost accounting Income tax Auditing Business finance Marketing Business law Many colleges in India and abroad are offering the courses in commerce field. There is prospect to do...

Active Jun 01 '16 at 09:32 AM
Posted by Seema Steffi’s Avatar Seema S.

Advantages of Mixed Economies. Most business and industry can be left to private firms. Private firms tend to be more efficient than government controlled firms because they have a profit incentive to cut costs and be innovative. In general the mixed economy is characterized by the private...

Active Apr 28 '16 at 10:55 PM
Posted by Seema Steffi’s Avatar Seema S.

If I understand your question right, Your question states that you are in 10th and a wondering what course to enroll your self into? One should choose a stream after 10th that matches with your aptitudes and personality and keep options for future open. Since I am not sure about your...

Active May 04 '16 at 07:44 AM
Posted by Seema Steffi’s Avatar Seema S.

Identify several aspects of college life - The size of school, for instance, or subjects that interests you, or the strength of the athletic program—and numerically rank each by importance to you. Ideally, a high school senior who have at least a vague career path, it's extremely important to...

Active May 05 '16 at 05:48 AM
Posted by Seema Steffi’s Avatar Seema S.
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