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I want yo become a programmar

Because i like to become a programmar software programmer

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4 answers

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Kyle’s Answer

There are a number of paths available to become a software engineer/programmer!

The most straightforward path to becoming a Software Engineer is to earn a degree in Software Engineering/Computer Science. Most major Colleges and Universities offer a degree in Software Engineering and companies are always looking for newly graduated students to come and work for them!

There are also a number of Coding Bootcamps available that are accelerated programs which teach you the basics of how to be a software engineer. Many of these also offer a guarantee job offer upon completing the program!

You can also learn on your own! I have worked with many great people who are self taught Software Engineers. Finding a job at first may be a little more difficult but once you are able to get your foot in the door and show what a great engineer you are then the sky is the limit.

For all paths it is important to be a life long learner. Always looking to improve yourself as a Software Engineer throughout your career!
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Nir’s Answer

Good choice! It's a good paying career with good hours and it's constantly changing and need of more developers. The best way to get a job as a software engineer is to either have a CS degree or to attend a coding bootcamp. Depending on your resources one might make more sense than the other. If you have the time and money and interest to really study the technology behind the computer then going to university is the move. If you want to work sooner than later and just want the practical knowledge to get your foot in the door then look into online or local bootcamps.
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Conor’s Answer

Think about a topic that you are interested in and what sort of basic app or website you would like to use that is related to that topic.
Find coding tutorials and bookmark Stack Overflow.
Dedicate a few hours a day to learning, hacking and building.
At the end of it you will not have elegant code but you will have something to show and something to improve upon.
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Seema’s Answer

To Start:

Read Books

Discuss between programmers around problems and how they approach them.

Practicing data structure, algorithms and design related problems,

Read a lot of code. Specifically, read a lot of code by excellent programmers.

Follow up:

Write lots of code and have it reviewed. If your site does not do code reviews, do them yourself.

Find the best programmer who'll give you useful advice in a way that can be heard and understood.

Both experiences are sure signs of progress. Good luck!

— Andrew Binstock

I suggest you start with attending a course on programming. There are variety of tools and languages to program. Make sure you learn the basics of program design like algorithms, design, architecture etc. in addition to specific languages/tools like java, c++, python, html etc. This will allow you to become a effective programmer. Venkat Subramanian