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What is the basic level of math needed for an engineering career?

I am interested in engineering as a possible career choice. #engineering

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5 answers

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David’s Answer

Depending on the field of engineering, add linear algebra to the list.

If you are an electrical engineer you will be doing fourier transforms all day long.

If you are a civil or mechnical engineer and are actually involved in materials, such as steel composition, you will be doing a lot of finite element analysis.

I am sure linear algebra is used in other engineering fields as well, but those are the two examples I know of.


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Dhanesh’s Answer

Basic Arithmetic
Algebra and Geometry

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Peter’s Answer

I agree with the first two Responders, although I have never had to apply differential equations during my career in Civil Engineering. I certainly agree that a "basic level" understanding of Math will not be enough for a successful career in Engineering.

Pete Sturtevant. PE

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Luis "Lou"’s Answer

Not "basic" math. See first response ... and add one more: Differential equations.

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kinjalk’s Answer

That depends on an individual. Well there are certain levels which one must complete one after the other.

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