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Is there a field of study or a career path for combining my love of horses (equine science) and biomedical science without becoming a vet?

Asked Carlsbad, California

I am trying to find a career path that will integrate my two passions: equestrian and biotechnology. I love hands on science lab work and would like to do something with horses. Perhaps involve genetics, IVF, gestation, etc with horses. #medical #veterinary #biotechnology #genetics #veterinary-technician #equine

3 answers

Nanette’s Answer

Updated Kentfield, California

That's a great question. You could get a major in one of the sciences ( Chemistry, Physics, Cell Biology ) and a minor in animal science with equine emphasis?

Matthew’s Answer

Kristina, I think you have good ideas as to where to start looking to combine your two interests (genetics, IVF, etc.). Having a solid understanding of the unique physiology and perhaps any unique biochemistry in horses is going to be helpful. A great resource for you should be the Gluck Equine Research Center in Lexington, KY: https://gluck.ca.uky.edu . Check it out for some inspiration. Matt

Amit ’s Answer

Updated San Jose, California

There are a lot of options for your interest. You could major in Biology, or even Biomedical and emphasize your research on equine health or movement.