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Carlsbad, California
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Kristina Oct 23, 2016 1049 views

What are the risks of pursuing a career in radiology?

I am interested in nuclear medicine, radiology, sonography, and ultrasound technology but am concerned about the risk of doing this as a career. #ultrasound #radiology-students #radiology-tech #medical-laboratory #nuclear-science

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Kristina Oct 23, 2016 1028 views

Is there a field of study or a career path for combining my love of horses (equine science) and biomedical science without becoming a vet?

I am trying to find a career path that will integrate my two passions: equestrian and biotechnology. I love hands on science lab work and would like to do something with horses. Perhaps involve genetics, IVF, gestation, etc with horses. #medicine #veterinary #biotechnology #genetics...