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What are some good companies that would be looking for people going for computer science in college

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4 answers

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Md,

The best company for computer science is going to depend on what you plan to do with your computer science degree. So for example, if you are going to be a software developer, you are going to have a lot of options. At this point, the next question is - what do you want to do with that software development? Think about how you want use your skill with computers. Do you want to develop products, do you want to develop apps, do you want to change the way that computers work, are you interested in robotics? The answer to these questions is going to guide you to the companies that you want to apply to. For example, my employer (AT&T) is a Communications company and an Entertainment company. A company like Amazon has various elements from web services to selling products to creating Entertainment content. Smaller companies may be focused on Marketing. There are also options that aree around security - from supporting police departments, government agencies, to companies that offer home and auto security. The great thing about your focus on Computer Science is that your skills will be in demand in a wide variety of businesses. For you, it will be about what you are passionate about. I think that while you are studying computer science, you will be exposed to a lot of ways you can apply your skills in the workplace. Focus on the areas that excite you, then look for companies who are doing that work.

Good luck,
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Ashok’s Answer

Hi Md,

A computer science (CS) degree is very valuable because most technology is built using software. People with CS majors can work at many large and small companies. I've seen people with CS degrees work in retail, manufacturing, banking, aerospace, the sciences, advertising, almost every industry!

Some companies and government agencies that employ CS majors include:
- Apple
- Google
- Microsoft
- Intuit (the company where I work)
- Verizon
- Lockheed Martin

The list is almost endless!
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laine’s Answer

A lot of companies will be looking for CS majors! Like the other answers state, you can likely choose from many different companies because your skillset will be in high demand. A lot of software companies specifically will likely be looking for CS majors. In order to make yourself stick out, I would suggest applying for internships early and having those on your CV to stick out from the stack, or apply to a company who you interned with after you graduate.
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Richard’s Answer

Agree with Ashok's answer, there are a large number of companies that are looking for Computer Science graduates. A few more key ones would be:
- Dell Technologies
- Amazon
- Oracle

I would also recommend looking at intern/coop opportunities while you are in school to get experience and better idea of what areas of CS interest you the most.

Good luck and look forward to seeing you in the field.