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Kristina Oct 30, 2014 2886 views

I've been introduced into SalesForce. Highly debating becoming certified. Is it worth it?

Being in a career search, I'm all over the place! I'm in IT right now, not quiet sure which direction I want to head in... #computer-engineering #salesforce

Md’s Avatar
Md Jun 01, 2021 352 views

What are some good companies that would be looking for people going for computer science in college

#college #computerscience

Afrina’s Avatar
Afrina Jun 19, 2021 541 views

What specific jobs can you get from a Marketing Major?

I'm an undecided college student who is interested in marketing.

#college #undecided #college-major #marketing #business

Jam’s Avatar
Jam Jul 09, 2021 655 views

Any advice on writing personal statements for college applications?

I am an incoming senior in high school and I am looking to apply to some colleges. How should I get started on my essays? Any advice or no-no's I should avoid?

#college-advice #college-admissions #college-bound #college

Jam’s Avatar
Jam Jul 09, 2021 404 views

Do I count as In State or Out of State?

All my life I lived in California. If I attend college in New York for example, then when I apply to Medical School in California, would I be counted as In State or Out of State?

#college #university #medicine #school #career #college-applications #healthcare