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How many hours do you work as an athletic trainer?

I'm interested in knowing the hours to see if you have take on night or overnight shifts for your job. professionals medicine athletic trainer

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Robby’s Answer

Great question Italy. It depends on what setting the athletic trainer is working in, but typically there are no overnight shifts. The “traditional” athletic trainer setting is at a secondary school or college working directly with the sports teams. Working at a high school will have some late nights, with night football games having you finish up 10 or 11:00. Working with a college team will have you travel, depending on what sport you are working with. A basketball team has more games and travels more frequently than a football team, so it depends. Growing fields in athletic training are in a doctors office (typically with sports medicine or orthopedic physicians) and the industrial setting. Working at a doctors office will typically give you a regular 9-5 workday. The industrial setting can see you working night shifts if the warehouse/factory/etc have night shifts. If you are looking at a “traditional” setting then there will be some later nights, but you shouldn’t expect to be working through the night.