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What are ways that i can make my brand big and known world wide?

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4 answers

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Joe’s Answer

There is no silver bullet answer to this very important question. Brands become famous and far reaching for a lot of reasons. However, one of the most important reasons a brand becomes famous is by providing a valuable and sought after product or service. In many cases, that product or service is new and different from everything that has come before. In other cases, your product or service is an improvement upon something that already exists. But, in each case, the brand is offering the audience something valuable that they need. If a brand interaction isn't backed by a value exchange, it will be very hard to promote your brand and make it grow.

Joe recommends the following next steps:

Define the value proposition of your brand. Why would someone be interested in your brand?
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Rom’s Answer

- Social Media. I think it is still better to focus in making your brand famous in your area first, then eventually, everything will follow.
- Good customer service, Your clients/customers will share the great experiences they have encountered from you and will share it online or sharing personal stories to friends.
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waner’s Answer

It ultimately depends on your brand and product, and how well you are able to communicate why it should be a phenomenon globally. Some ideas to consider below!

- Creating a moment of virality around your brand, almost cultivate a "cult" following to reach not only target audience but to the people around them. Launch exhibits in person/tangible experience INRL that users can interact with your brand, hashtags are powerful
- A ton of awareness initiatives in areas with high foot traffic that your audiences will likely be, pop-up shops
- Being present on social platforms (FB/TikTok/IG/etc), in an aesthetically pleasing way that makes sense to your customers
- Creating custom content pieces like YouTube/Video series that promote new brand/product for users to understand the value
- INFLUENCERS! send product to them who have a high reach, both micro and macro. Product packaging to make for unboxing videos
- Brand initiatives; communicate your brand's initiatives and stance on sustainability, global impact, activism.
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Rob’s Answer

Find a niche area that you can stand out... once you stand out you can look at adjacent areas that can advance your brand. Once you are comfortable with your brand look for others to collaborate with to advance both brands... stay focused.