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Miami, Florida
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I want to be a successful entrepreneur.



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Rodrick Jun 02, 2021 393 views

If my business is not going fast as I want it to, when should I shut my business down?

I #business m curious on when you should shut down a business when it is not going as planned.

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Rodrick Jun 02, 2021 456 views

Is it hard to promote your brand in a different country?

I am curious about how to promote your business in a foreign country.

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Rodrick Jun 02, 2021 502 views

What are ways that i can make my brand big and known world wide?

#entrepreneurship #marketing #marketing #marketing

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Rodrick May 20, 2021 481 views

how hard is it to become an entrepreneuar?

I am a person who is always trying to make money but not work for someone, i want to be my own boss. #career