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Where can I learn high level Objective C for free?

I'm currently working as an intern in a company that is using Objective C but I don't know a lot of Objective C. To be more exact I would like a course that teaches me how to use Objective C to draw a the front end of a phone application.
I had been depending on Code School and Code Academy to teach me what I need to know but neither have what I need. Any recommendations? #computer-science #programming #computer-programming

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3 answers

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Angelo’s Answer

I have taken in person courses with Big Nerd Ranch and I highly recommend their books as well as you need to learn the language and an integrated development environment (IDE) , like Xcode. Here's one of their books, Personally I like to hold a book versus a PDF.

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Justin’s Answer

Hey Jennifer,

This is a great question! I've worked several software engineering jobs, and while I haven't really worked in objective C, I've learned several languages on the job for free.

First, I highly recommend using the expertise of your coworkers. Read their code. Ask them to explain the parts that don't make sense to you. Most engineers love talking about their work, and they'll probably be flattered that you're taking an interest in it.

If you don't already have access to the code, ask for it! We engineers love to share!

In addition, I'd start looking for some tutorials and trying some small things on your own. It's tough for me to offer specific resources to you without knowing how much experience you already have coding. But if you're comfortable with coding in general, this seems like a pretty good one:

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Steve’s Answer

I have not tried any of the free courses, but if you are willing to pay a few dollars, is very good.