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What are good college to study architecture?

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Erin’s Answer

There are many great schools for architecture in the US and abroad. The quality of your experience will also depend on what you make of it. You might want to consider a school that has a formal internship or co-op program that allows you to get on-the-job experience as part of the curriculum, such as the University of Cincinnati https://daap.uc.edu/

I have a few friends who went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for their BArch, and they are really talented.

Some programs lean toward the technical, others the conceptual. You can also choose to go to a different program for a M.Arch after your undergrad if you want to expand your training.

I've worked with architects who went to programs of all types. A degree from a private or Ivy-league institution can be a great calling card to get your foot in the door at prestigious firms. Personally, I've enjoyed working in architecture in smaller independent firms more than large ones. I had more autonomy and impact of the work.

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Brandon’s Answer

Rice University, Cornell University, Harvard to name a few. Below I will include links that list off the top architecture schools.