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Of all the areas of study why pick medicine?? How much is the work load compared to other major areas?? Do you think that the effort you put in is qorht it.


The study area of medicine is really hard, and I would to know whether or not it is worth it to pick this area of study. #medicine #pre-med

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James’s Answer

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hi juliet,

here's the problem with your question. you are only seeing one side of the equation, the effort that is required. the other side of the equation is what you personally get out of that effort.

unfortunately, at your young age you are unlikely to have any idea how to measure that.

so here's my suggestion for you to get a bit of perspective. go to your local library and read a good book about Florence Nightingale. after reading that, ask yourself whether her lifetime of efforts were worth it? hint: there's not one answer to that question. only you will be able to give the correct answer for yourself.

good luck!