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How many years and what classes do i have to take to be a successful neuroscientist ?

I'm a junior in high school and i'm really interested in neuroscience , but i don't know what i'd actually have to study and how long it would take to finish school or how many degrees i need #neuroscience #neurology #neurosurgeon

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2 answers

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Daniela’s Answer

Hello Paige,

The first decision to make is to choose an area of study of interest, or an area of knowledge in which you identify yourself more. I could give an example: in my case, I graduated in Pedagogy, and did a specialization in Neuroeducation, so I'm a neuroscientist of science education or Neuroeducador.

My line of research is on human Neuroplasticity, in particular child neuroplasticity. I realize research, write articles and training materials for educators, parents and students.

The field of neurosciences is vast, there neurobiologists; neuropsychologists; neuro educators, among others.

After choosing an undergraduate degree, you can seek a specialization in the field (or in neurosciences, or in neuropsychology, neurobiology, will depend on the area of study that you define in your academic life).

I hope this helps, good luck in your studies and choices.

thanks for the info so much Diepreye E.

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Rebecca’s Answer

If you want to be a neuroscientist and do research on the brain, you'll most likely need a PhD, which will take you four years of college and at least 5 years of graduate school, sometimes 6 or more.

You could probably "be a neuroscientist" and do limited types of research or lab tech work with just a master's degree, but those jobs are typically fewer and pay less, with less freedom and creativity. A master's degree requires 2 years beyond college.

To get into neuroscience graduate school programs you'll likely need to study Biology or Chemistry in college. You could major in Psychology or Philosophy, or some other related program, but you'll need to take core Biology and Chemistry classes to get into neuroscience programs.

Try googling Neuroscience PhD or Master's programs, and look at the requirements for application.

It also might be worth noting that neuroscience can mean many different things. Cognitive neuroscience is different from neurobiology, which is different from neuropsychology. They're all related, obviously, but slightly different. You'll figure out more about which one is right for you by taking classes in college.

Thank you Rebbeca! This has really help me understand what i have to research and be prepared for Paige B.

Thanks alot but I didn't get everything clear so when I graduate school I gotta choose biology or psychology bachelors to get in a neuroscience major? M A.

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