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Career resources

What are some good free resources to discover what career path you may want to pursue? career-path college career-choice

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4 answers

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Riley’s Answer

Hi Kendall - Here is my favorite exercise from when I was exploring what career paths sounded appealing to me!

1. What is one of your favorite brands? (i.e. Nike, Spotify, etc.)
2. Look up the company page on Linkedin
3. Under the "employee search" start to look up keywords like "marketing" or "accounting" and you will find the employees at that company in those departments.
4. Start clicking away to those profiles. What titles stand out to you? What are their career paths? What did they major in? Your findings just might be surprising.

This is how I was inspired to pursue my career path, and found some great mentors along the way! Wishing you all the best on your journey.
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Alejandra’s Answer

I recommend before diving into specific career websites, make a shortlist of the top 3 or 5 things you want to get out of your career.

Is it a flexible schedule?
High pay?
Do you want to work with people?
Do you want to fast career trajectory?

Once you have some of these basics down you can research keywords on google like "best careers to work with people" or "Career that have work life balance" and so on.. this will open up the sort of jobs and you look into and you'll be looking into careers not that your necessarily familiar with, but that fit your desires.

My current job (which I enjoy very much) I would have never found if I didn't explore different career options outside of the basic jobs I was familiar with. Once you find jobs, careers, or companies you're interested in, try connecting with people that work in those fields and set up "informational interviews" so you can really hear firsthand what it takes to work in the industry from someone living it.

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Mickael’s Answer

Hi Kendall, is also helpful.

Professional can help if you at least know some fields / areas that you are interested in exploring a career in.
For me here are some tips:
- what you do not like enough to spend a week doing it.
- what you do like enough to spend a week doing it.
- what you are good at.
- what topics you enjoy in general (like plants, or lions, or computer or jewels ...)

that will give you some hints of where to look, what to look, what kind of thing you may be interested in. Then ask questions here as well, with more precise fields and hopefully a professional from that domain will be able to help you.
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Grace’s Answer

Check out

This is a career-focused website with:
- Articles spanning how to find your first job, finding a job that's a good fit for you, typical jobs for a given major, etc.
- Advice on landing a job, how to be successful on the job, etc.
- 'Career stories' where professionals share their experiences in different industries and roles.
- Deep dives into specific industries, including marketing, finance and sales.

Here's a good place to start on their website: