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What colleges in New York are good to go to before law school?

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2 answers

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Alice’s Answer

Hi Daisy - That's great that you are aiming to become a lawyer. Firstly, I think a key consideration is costs - if you are trying to be economical to save up for law school later on, I'd suggest you do research on schools here in NY that provide good liberal arts/broader curriculums that provide you with a well rounded undergraduate background so that you come across as an astute/attractive candidate for law schools and that will allow you to focus on select student organizations that will show leadership/passion in certain things. If costs weren't a concern, there are obviously select feeder schools that will make it easier for you to get into the top law schools here (e.g. Columbia, NYU, Cornell, Fordham, etc.). But I think the key is to build up good grades and a well rounded undergraduate resume (includes internship opportunities that may be relevant). Hope that helps!
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Blake’s Answer

Hey Daisy,

Based on an article from, the top pre-law programs in New York for 2021 are ranked as follows:

1. Siena College
2. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
3. The College of Saint Rose

Hope this helps!