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Andrea May 08, 2016 899 views

Are you able to wait a year before applying to an Ivy League if hoping to get accepted?

I was planning on taking a year or two at a local community college after my senior year to become a CNA or LPN. I was then planning on applying to Ivy League's to get my undergraduates degree in biology or neurology before going to medical school. Would my chances of being accepted into an Ivy...

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jazlyn Apr 11, 2019 617 views

gimnast college degree

what #college do they need to go

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manifesting May 25, 2021 1239 views

what's the best strand when taking accountancy as a pre-law course?

I will be a senior high school student in a few years, and I'm not still sure and confident. I hope those who have experienced will share their opinions. #student #high-school #law #lawyer #attorney #women-in-law #pre-law

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thalia Jun 12, 2021 609 views

what do i need to know before studying art history?

I'm a 11th grader in high school and am interested in pursuing a career within art history but i don't know where to start

#artist #art #history #fine-art #college #arthistory #art history

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Riya Aug 06, 2021 407 views

with which subject should I do my UG ?

I just passed class 12th this year with PCB . I am confused with which subject should I do my under graduation #college

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Daisy Jun 08, 2021 708 views

What colleges in New York are good to go to before law school?

#lawyer #college #law-school

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Faizina Jun 15, 2021 544 views

What does the future of architecture look like?

I graduated high school and finished my first year of college during the pandemic. I would like to know how the study of architecture is like in the field, in the United States, and on global terms as well.
#architecture #college #architect #career-counseling

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Clare Jun 25, 2021 511 views

Advice for picking an undergrad major?

Hello! I am trying to pick an undergrad major, and I am very indecisive! Currently, I am looking at many majors ranging from policy to marketing. I love FASHION, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, ACTIVISM, and PSYCHOLOGY! If anyone knows of any undergrad majors that are vague or versatile enough for me...

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jaslin Jun 26, 2021 430 views

How long should I go to school for.

I just graduated a year earlier. than I was supposed to. I know for a fact I want a career in the medical field, but don't know hold long I want to go to school for. I am debating on getting my masters and becoming a PA or going the pull 12 years to become a doctor. #medical-school #college...

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Katherine Jun 26, 2021 590 views

How do I begin to narrow down my interest in order to choose a career path?

I'm a rising college student that is majoring in Environmental and Sustainability, although I'm not sure I will remain with this major. I feel clueless as I don't have any passion for a career, and I don't see how I can turn my interests into a career or livelihood. #college #undecided...