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I want to study abroad and get into a good collage although im unsure of the field

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3 answers

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Mickael’s Answer

Hi Nandini,

Be aware that studying aboard is not free and can be challenging:
(1) make sure you are aware of the country's immigration policies about foreign students
(2) make sure of the cost for foreign students
(3) make sure the university offers help in case you do not speak the country's language well enough to follow courses in that language or if they propose a curriculum in English.

Therefore, I believe you need to make a choice of the type of studies you want to pursue so that you can search universities in the countries you desire to live in during your studies.

In order to get that field:
- what are your main interest?
- what activities do you not want to spend 40+ hours a week on?
- what activities would you mind or love spending that much time on?
- what domains are you good at?

Cross all of that and that may give you some idea where to start looking at.

I hope I helped.

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Shaivya’s Answer

Hi Nandini,

I think it depends what field you would like to pursue. I am also a student at RIT, New York doing my MS in CS.
Before coming to US it is important that you are sure that you want to study that course. You will be living 1000+ miles far from your home in a new place, its important that you actually like the field and are definitely interested in it.
Another thing to focus is the location where you want to study and how is the job market over there , what is the return of investment in the field.
Before joining my college I made sure that I had researched properly about the college and the job market over here.

Good Luck.

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Bahareh’s Answer

Hi Nandini,

I think it's completely depends on your interest and which college you want to apply to it. It's better to check different college website and see their majors and courses. You can make a list and write down related information, advantages and disadvantages then compare them to see which one is the best option for you.