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What is the main difference between an Environment Engineer and an Environmental Scientist?

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I am genuinely interested in the well being of the environment. I want to major in one of these two, but still have not decided between the two. #college-major #environmental-science #environmental-engineering #sustainability

3 answers

Arghya’s Answer


Earning a degree in either environmental engineering or environmental science can qualify the recipient to work in various roles that deal with issues at the intersection of the man-made and natural worlds.

But while these two paths of study have a number of similarities, they also have a number of important differences that should be recognized and understood before selecting one path over the other. Here, we have provided a brief introduction to these two areas of study, followed by a side-by-side comparison to help aspiring environmental engineers or scientists reach a final decision.

DAVID’s Answer


a environmental engineer or civil engineer is a full engineer degree BS that allows one to obtain a PE professional engineers license used to sign and seal design documents and reports as required by consulting engineering firms and state laws, one does design and engineering analysis.

a environmental scientist cannot act as a engineer but can do environmental studies of wetlands or jmpact type studies of lakes, rivers

the consulting firm I was with had 4-6 staff of both engineers and scientists

kamal’s Answer


The main difference is that environmental engineers design infrastructures such as sewers, wetlands, grit chambers, bioswales, digesters, clarifiers, etc... environmental scuentists are more involved into site remediations, contami ated soils, etc which environmental engineering covers as well, Well to the best of my knowledge.