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What is it like to work in the NICU or in the delivery room?

I am looking at becoming a labor and delivery nurse or being a nurse in the NICU. I really want to work with babies but not sure which one to go with. Any advice would be great! #nursing #obstetrics #nicu

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Teresa’s Answer

Dear Jade, It sounds like you have a great plan! When you go thru nursing school you will have clinical time in each of the areas to help you to see what the work is like. When I first started as a nurse I began in pediatrics for a year but then changed to move to the NICU and have really loved it. As the NICU Nurse manager, I have hired a few staff who are still in school and work as an "intern I". These staff are still in nursing school but are interested in my area and get to work 12 hours per week as stockers and cleaners to get to see what the work will be like as an RN. You might investigate with some hospitals to see if they have these type of internships in Labor and Delivery or NICU to get more experience. I think it is important to work in an area that you LOVE- Best of luck in your future!

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