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Is a graduate degree required to be successful in meteorology?

What other options do you have with more education #science #meteorology

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A graduate degree is not required for some jobs in meteorology (i.e. broadcast meteorologist, meteorologist at the National Weather Service) but there are other meteorologist positions in and out of the private sector which may require a Masters degree. Meteorologist positions at energy companies and universities usually require an advanced degree. It really depends on what kind of meteorologist you want to be. It's up to the employer and what qualifications they are looking for in an employee. You can't go wrong with a higher degree but there are a good deal of meteorology jobs which don't require one.
Last updated Nov 03 '17 at 09:49

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Probably. The competition is keen and if you aspire to running your own NOAA station, an advanced degree PLUS ongoing research and apprenticeships will help your chances down the road. Be prepared to combat and defeat climate change deniers at every turn. Brush up on yours AND their arguments so you can present reason and facts to those who think otherwise and would rather cut funding rather than heed your warnings.
Last updated Dec 07 '17 at 06:35

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