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How can I set a good goal to work for?

I like gaming and helping out others. If anyone needs help, I’ll always be there, regardless of the outcome. technology

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6 answers

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Joseph’s Answer

Hi Jonathan, this is a great question - setting goals is critical for LIFE.

1. Start Small - Set daily goals, for example if you're looking for work, set a simple goals you can achieve for both applying for jobs, but also meeting people and networking. Getting out of bed at the same time everyday, or exercising at 3 days a week, or setting goals to educate yourself on a particular subject, are simple daily goals you can set that can keep you healthy, efficient and being intentional through out your day.

2. Set Long-Term Goals - What do you want to be doing in 3 years, 5 years? I hate this question, it's so important! Goals give us a plan and a purpose in live, so setting future goals keep us on a purpose driven life. Know your interests and life experience may change and so will your goals. It's still good to have long term goals.

3. Relationship Goals - don't over look those people in your professional and personal life - setting weekly goals to check in with both your professional network AND your family and friends, strengthen YOUR community around YOU and will really give you more purpose and more opportunity to help those around you, which really seems what, you, Jonathan are all about - helping those near you.

Good luck and thank you for posting your question today.

Joe M.
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Greg’s Answer

You have made a good start toward answering your own question, by taking the time to think about your strengths and interests. 'Setting a good goal' is another way of asking 'where do I see myself in the future?' What kind of a job would be challenging, interesting, secure, and pay well enough to live a good life?

So far, you have acquired special/technical knowledge (in gaming) and like to share it with others. That sounds like you would be a great Subject Matter Expert in a technical business where you would build a very detailed expert understanding of an App, Database, Product, or service and then help evolve it to meet customer needs. Teams which do this kind of work always need leaders (like Architects, Programmers, Technical Sales Representatives) who deeply understand how a product works, and then can share that knowledge through design documents, presentations, answering any and all questions to help the team.

My advice would be to do some research. Use gaming as an example to learn more about the teams who make games. There is hardware interface, coding, optimization, gameplay, UI, character design, monetization (selling the game or items in the game like skins, etc) and many other jobs. Where do you think you would fit on that team? What kind of education and skills would you need to be qualified to work for a gaming company, in the area you are interested in?

With that information, it will be a lot easier to set your goal.

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Lucie’s Answer

Hello Jonathan,

Career goals are very personal.
I think that in order to get or reach your career goal, or any goal, really depends on figuring out what the goal is, in the first place.
Everyone has a different one, and even the word career has a different definition whether you talk to a doctor or a lawyer.

In my opinion, the best way to answer you question is:
#1 What is your goal?
A more generic way to approach a career goal is: what is your goal in life?
Do you want to become rich and famous? do you want to make an impact? if yes, to what scale? your loved ones, your town, the society, etc.
Defining goals are extremely important in life because they are the essence of your motivation, and without motivation you can't accomplish much. So first, try to know what motivates you, what you like, what makes YOU.

#2 What kind of career is for you?
You don't mention what career path you have taken, or career you are thinking on taking, but that is also very important.
If one of your life goal is to become rich and your current role does not align with this, or does not have the opportunities to move you towards this goal, then you should reconsider your career path and move towards a field that is more aligned with your expectations.

#3 Link it all together
In the end, everyone has a different career goal, dreams and hopes, how to reach them really depends on how well we understand ourselves, how hard and how willing we are to reach and work for them.

Definitely start some networking: Volunteering, LinkedIn, Meetups, etc.

Sky is the limit!

Hope this helps,
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Mickael’s Answer

Hi Jonathan,

Goals must be:
- achievable: do not set yourself goals that you know you will never be able to achieve. This will be depressing and discouraging and useless.
- measurable: make sure you can measure that you reached your goal. We have tendency to set up goals that are expressed vaguely and for which it is hard to get a sense of accomplishment.

Then the goal needs to be useful for you and your future. If you are asking about what goal should you set for yourself to work in gaming, then start searching for what is needed to reach that goal. If you are talking about video games, you definitely need some training in computer science. Set yourself goals around finding good school to teach you what you need, find internships in companies that are developing video games.
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Sean’s Answer

So the other two comments that are currently provided are great and I had one more thought I wanted to add. It was hinted at in some of the previous comments but I want to call it out specifically.

When setting goals make sure you think about how you are going to measure that goal and know if you achieved it or not. Saying "I'm gong to workout more" is a goal but doesn't have very good measurement to know if you achieved it. Changing that to "I'm going to workout 3 days a week" is the same goal but has a measurement to it so you can know if you achieved it.
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Kris’s Answer

Use the SMART framework for goal setting: