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To become a lawyer that represents people in front of a judge how many years of law school do you have to do?

i know that there are different types of lawyers but i'm most interested in the lawyers that go in front of a judge on a daily basis? #law-enforcement #lawyers

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Hi Destiny,

As stated previously, all law schools require three years of attendance. If you want to be a lawyer that actually goes to court and argues issues in front of a judge or jury, you will be a litigator. There are all types of law that involve litigation - from criminal to family to insurance to business. My suggestion to new attorneys is to get in the courtroom whenever you can. Eventually, you will reach a point where you are comfortable before the judge/jury and have the confidence you need. If you end up working at a bigger firm where only the partners tend to go before the court, ask if you can attend with them so you can begin to feel how the procedural aspects of a courtroom work. Additionally, I found that by clerking for a judge right out of law school gave me an insight into the court that not everyone sees.

Best of luck,

Rhonda Smith

This professional recommends the following next steps:

  • Look for any types of internships that have to do with the law.
  • Start thinking about what types of law interest you and whether those specific areas involve increased litigation.
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Law school lasts 3 years, after which you can specialize and decide what type of lawyer you want to be.

The ones that represent people in front of a judge are typically called trial lawyers.

Oftentimes, it takes several years of preparation and training even after law school - at a minimum - to be able to argue cases in front of a judge (depending on where you are located).

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