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Hafsah May 17, 2016 1011 views

What are the main things I should know before becoming a Criminal Defense Attorney?

My career choice is to become a criminal defense attorney but I would like to know some insight in the career before I go and peruse it. #law #attorney #criminal #information #new #criminal-defense #defense #main

DestinyCodman2’s Avatar
DestinyCodman2 Feb 07, 2012 1553 views

To become a lawyer that represents people in front of a judge how many years of law school do you have to do?

i know that there are different types of lawyers but i'm most interested in the lawyers that go in front of a judge on a daily basis? #law-enforcement #lawyers

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Maarij Jan 15, 2018 420 views

What majors instead of pre-law are good undergraduate majors to have before law school?

I am an undergraduate legal studies major, and am deciding to change my major. #pre-law