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What is in the daily life of an aerospace engineer like?

Asked Avon, Ohio

Hey all, I've looking in majoring in mechanical engineering in college, but I'm also looking to have a concentration or a minor in aerospace. My friend's father is an aerospace engineer and he has told me much about what he does, but I was hoping to get multiple answers.

Thanks! #aerospace-engineering #aerospace

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Skyler’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Hi Matthew!

I put this in my "career stories" section, so here is my role in as an aerospace engineer at NASA JSC:

I am passionate about supporting NASA and our exploration goals in LEO and beyond. Being a small part of our nations' human spaceflight program through my role in International Space Station Operations has been the greatest joy I could hope for in a career. As an ETHOS Instructor, I train Astronauts, Cosmonauts, Flight Controllers, and Flight Directors on the ISS Environmental Control and Life Support Systems, Internal Thermal Control Systems, and all aspects of the crew and ground response to any potential spacecraft emergency. As a supervisor on the Integrated Mission Operations Contract II (IMOC II), I am responsible for hiring the best and brightest future leaders of human spaceflight ground operations.

Let me know if you want more details, or check out some of my other answers for more context. Best wishes! Skyler

Thanks for the great response, what did you major in college, are there any schools you would recommend?
I majored in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. By living in Texas it made college costs much more affordable to go to a top program within my state. For you, I can tell you that we have a number of folks on-site at NASA JSC from The Ohio State University, they have solid engineering programs (and a GREAT football team). Best advice, go to the school with the program that you want that you can BEST afford, not the best PROGRAM in the nation. Make the most of wherever you go and you'll be competitive after graduation, and you won't be loaded down with as much debt.
Ok thank you, I have been between two schools with similar programs, but one is much cheaper than the other. All this helped greatly, and again, thank you for everything.