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What are ways in order to get your foot in the animation industry?

I'm an art student who would like to go into the animation industry. Art Animation artist

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2 answers

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Benjamin’s Answer

Hello Hunter,

I would say there are 3 good ways to go about this. One is to make connections in the industry. Knowing people in the animation industry is important as they can recommend you for a position. One good way to network is to go to animation festivals like the Ottawa film festival in Canada. There are animation festivals like this all over the world so you can do research to find one closest to you. But also in general there's no such thing as a bad connection you may not know who someone knows! If you are planning to attend an animation school that's another good opportunity to network with the other students and the teachers there. Another good way to get your foot in the door is through internships. Internships are an excellent opportunity to network with others in the industry since you will literally be at an animation company. Another good way to go about this is through volunteer work. With volunteer work, you can gain real work experience and more animation to add to your demo reel as well as connections with anyone else working on the project!
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Annie’s Answer

Hey Hunter!

Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to get your foot in the door, but once you do it becomes a lot easier to find work! I recommend keeping yourself open to different opportunities. If you're interested in going into feature animation, try out the games industry! There are also a lot of animation opportunities within the marketing/graphic design world. A lot of the times you'll find that professionals bounce back and forth, and the people you meet at an internship/job previously worked at a studio that you're interested in. As many people will say, networking is super important so try to talk with as many people in the industry as possible!

Good luck!