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What are some possible careers l can "land" if I have a degree in computer science?

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I want to study astronomy but I also want to study computer science because people tell me it is a good academic and career option especially in this day and age. However, I don't know what careers require a computer science degree or at least is associated with a computer science degree. #computer-science #career-path #careers

3 answers

Steven’s Answer


Great question about the career opportunities that can be facilitated by a Computer Science degree, but why not pursue a degree in astronomy if that's your true passion?

A degree in either Computer Science or in Astronomy can offer a wide range of opportunities... check out this link at the American Astronomical Society for some specific career suggestions related to astronomy https://aas.org/learn/careers-astronomy. If you're interested in pure astronomy, you'll want to consider graduate school programs specifically in astronomy.

Applied computer science opportunities exist with almost all defense contractors involved with satellite construction. If you're attending a school lacking a formal astronomy major, I suggest you consider leveraging a CS background to pursue a position with one of these firms, or directly with NASA.

Another issue to consider is that some positions related to astronomy will require a government security clearance. Pursuing a position within the DoD, either as a civilian or as a member of the armed forces, can help position you to obtain an initial security clearance without having to convince a commercial employer to sponsor you for the investigation.

Whatever direction you pursue, work hard to be the absolute best at what you do and the opportunities will present themselves.

Best Wishes.

Daniel’s Answer


There's a lot of variety here. Software engineering, programming, networking, systems administration, data center stuff, pure database work (though less so now), software architecture, program management, etc etc.

Sreenivasa’s Answer


You can look for opportunities like Computer Systems Analyst, Business Analyst, Programming (if you are good at coding) jobs. If you have been trained on any advanced or latest skills like Machine Learning OR Data Science etc. there are good amount of opportunities as well. - Thanks.