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What are some specific fields within biology or biochemical engineering that are currently lacking in positions?

Updated Lawrence Township, New Jersey

I want to go into the medical field and major in biology. As of now I like everything in Biology and science and would like some help in narrowing things down. There are so many specific fields related to this category which I could choose from and I would like to know which one society is currently in most need of. #biology #biomedical-engineering #medicine #hospital-and-health-care

1 answer

Shulin’s Answer

Hi Maria, There is one thing you need to know, Science changes in a tremendously? fast speed. Whatever in need right now, could be filled within maybe a year. Don't be disappointed. Do what you like to do and make sure you are good at that and welcome to the changes. Keep learning, Keep learning, Keep learning, Keep learning. #career-counseling